CDCS provides proactive inspections for live Cimex lectularius (bed bugs) with the use of certified CDCS canine teams in the state of Michigan.

Inspections in many environments.


CDCS helps innkeepers, managers, and /or small business owners protect against the potential impacts of Cimex infestations.

This is accomplished in several ways.

  1. Beds, Bugs & Breakfasts – This book is the first step to understanding how to develop a site-specific Cimex Management Plan (CMP).  This book includes how to prevent, protect, insepct, and react to Cimex infestations.
  2. Webinars – CDCS provides training for management and housekeeping staff to understand the private life of the bed bug, ways to minimize introduction of bed bugs to a business, how to perform and document regular and detailed visual inspections, understand the capabilities of canine olfaction (sense of smell) to protect a business, as well as the basics of treatment and/or control.
  3. Consulting – CDCS provides one-on-one meetings to discuss specific concerns or questions that small business owners may have.
  4. Conferences, training, etc. – Stejskal is ready and willing to provide virtual on in-person educational presentations for conferences hosted by professional associations.

Pretty easy to spot if the Cimex infestation is this bad…
Cimex detector canine teams can inspect many different areas like libraries and residential housing.
Education is Key