Beds, Bugs & Breakfasts


“Beds, Bugs & Breakfasts” was written to help guide bed and breakfast innkeepers and other small business owners through the process of understanding how to protect their businesses from bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) infestations.  This book is also applicable to other small businesses such as libraries, consignment shops, care facilities, etc.

This book help business owners navigate through the process of developing their own site-specific Cimex Management Plan (CMP).  This plan is a means to carry out and document the innkeepers’ commitment to protect their guests, clients, and businesses from a possible widespread Cimex infestation.

The book was written by Susan M. Stejskal, LVT, PhD (Licensed Veterinary Technician and doctorate in toxicology and pathology) who is owner and canine handler of Cimex Detector Canine Services.  Stejskal incorporates almost 20 years as a law enforcement canine handler with decades as an educator and scientific researcher to provide an understandable and practical approach to dealing with bed bugs in a small business setting.




“As a law enforcement professional, I have seen firsthand the prevalence of this pesky insect and the challenges – financial and psychological – associated with bed bugs. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Do yourself and your business a favor by reading this book!”  –Sean T, police officer
“Thanks Sue, for helping us sleep better. We know it’s not a matter of if, but when, and we now have knowledge, prevention, and a plan in place – thanks to your guidance.”  –Steve G, innkeeper
“As an extensive traveler, I found the information in this book helpful from the customer’s point of view. I hope Dr. Stejskal’s protocols are followed everywhere I stay!” –Marilyn R, educator and traveler
`“Beds, Bugs and Breakfasts” by Susan M. Stejskal is a very informative book on a subject that is both intriguing and repulsive. This book teaches business owners how to deal with these pests. Written in a manner that both lay people and scientists can understand, “Beds, Bugs, and Breakfasts” is an outstanding source of information.` –Jackie M, library assistant

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